Birthday Party Packages starting at $275

Birthday parties at Cocoa Beach Aerial Adventures are a blast! We provide a great space for you to celebrate your special event outside in the shade or our glorious oaks! When your guests arrive we check them in to be sure we have waivers for all participants and then get them suited up in their climbing gear. Next we take a couple group photos and then off to “ground school” to expain how to use the gear and have fun at CBAA. 

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All Birthday Parties Include:

  • Harnessing for 6-30 guests  
  • Total party time of 3 hours  
    • 2-hour adventure ticket time (including harnessing, orientation, and full course access adventure) 
    • Reserved covered area and table for use for the duration of the booked party (Starts 15 minutes prior to adventure start time and ends 45 minutes after end of adventure time) 
  • NO charge for guests who are not getting harnessed or participating 
  • Cocoa Beach Aerial Adventure t-shirt for the birthday person 
  • Complimentary digital birthday photo of the party goers harnessed up 
  • Outside food and drink (non-alcoholic) are permitted 


  • Packages starting at $275 (Rates vary based on ticket types added) 
  • Minimum 6 guests  
  • $42.50/Shortboarder (guest under 48” tall) 
    • Shortboarders must be accompanied by a Longboarder who is at least 14 yo.
    • Accompanying Longboarders can supervise up to 2 Shortboarders each
  • $52.50/Longboarder (guest 48” or taller) 


What does a CBAA Birthday Party look like?


Guests arrive at the park and check in! Our check-in process consists of confirming that participants have a waiver completed, confirming heights and supervising are within the requirements, and providing the appropriate wristband. **Guests must arrive 15 minutes before the selected adventure start time (i.e. If you book the 11:00 am time slot, all guests need to arrive no later than 10:45 am). **



The first guests to arrive for your party check in and are shown to your reserved table. We continue to check in your guests as they arrive, directing them to your party area.


Gear Up

Being on time is important! Participants need to be in attendance and ready at our Harnessing Area at your selected Adventure Start Time. If your party guests are not present and on time at our Harnessing Area, they will be required to wait for the next Adventure Start Time to receive gear but will not receive additional time on the adventures/courses – so please keep this in mind when planning and communicating with your guests.



Once fully in gear, participants engage in a quick instructional course to learn how to use the park’s safety equipment on the course. Once through the instructional course, the remainder of the time is up to you to adventure on course for the remainder of your 2-hr. adventure ticket time!



Once your adventure time is done, head to our “de-gear” area to turn in your equipment then return to your reserved party tables. Guests have an additional 45-minutes post-adventure to spend at the reserved tables for any food, cake, presents, and general birthday festivities!


Wrap Up

When your 45 minutes of table time is up, we ask that you please clean up your party area and utilize the large trash cans that we have available in all party areas.


We hope this gives you a good picture of what your party will look like here at Cocoa Beach Aerial Adventures!!! Please reach out to us with any questions.

We can’t wait to help you plan your party! Give us a call to book:  321.613.0047