Green Course A – Beginner

Event NameLength
Musical Chairs38'
Big Catch32'
Gator in the Grass24'
Suspension Bridge28'
Grate Bridge25'
Sentry Crawl23'
Mini Zip52'

Green Course B – Beginner

Event NameLength
Broken Bridge28'
Buoy Balance23'
Butterfly Bridge19'
Wagon Wheel Walk24'
Mini Zip60'
Sand Dollar Bridge27'

Green Course C – Beginner

Event NameLength
Bigfoot Bridge27'
Zig Zag Traverse27'
High Step25'
Penguin Walk31'
Missing Link Bridge30'
XOXO Bridge26'
Beaver Dam21'
Mini Zip70'

Yellow Course A – Intermediate

Event NameLength
Net Crossing38'
Cargo Traverse24'
Swiss Wall25'
Charlie Chaplin Rings23'
Mini Zip52'

Yellow Course B – Intermediate

Event NameLength
Pirates Crossing23'
Burma Bridge24'
Criss Cross30'
Mini Zip60'
Crooked Crossing27'

Yellow Course C – Intermediate

Event NameLength
Bottomless Burma27'
Lily Pad Leap27'
Spiders Web25'
Bird on a Wire31'
Ring Walk30'
X Marks the Spot21'
Mini Zip70'

Red Course 1 – Advanced

Event NameLength
Wiggle Walk38'
Swing Dance32'
Cargo Traverse24'
Ring Swing28'
Oh Buoy25'
Twisted Trees23'
Mini Zip52'
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